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REWE digital is a child of the 1980s. In the decade in which the Internet emerged from the ARPANET, we started the digital revolution in retail.
Since then, a lot has changed - noticeably every day for millions of people shopping in REWE stores and behind the scenes at REWE Group.

In Cologne, Berlin, Frankfurt, Kiel, Ilmenau, Sofia, Varna, Graz and Málaga, we are dedicated to new innovations and are in constant contact with technology partners and start-ups.
What doesn't exist today, we develop for tomorrow. Here, in our Home of IT.
The "Home of IT" offers a home for everyone who is at home in the digital world - whether future thinkers, software developers, UX experts, business analysts, system administrators or technicians.

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We look forward to welcoming you to Cologne on September 13. Here, too, you can expect a great program around the IT world with many specials and lots of tech jobs!

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