Green ITCS

ITCS goes green!

As a trade fair organizer, we see it as our special responsibility to make our events (more) sustainable. Instead of greenwashing, we want to make a real contribution. Can we do this right away? No, but we are trying. Seriously. And if you have any ideas on how we can become more sustainable, please contact us using the form below!

Trees planted in Germany

kilograms of waste collected from the ocean

tons of CO2 offset

Sustainability projects


We offset our CO2 emissions with UN Gold Standard® projects through the fairclimatefund

We are currently supporting two projects that not only offset CO2, but also enable clean cooking for families in Burkina Faso and Ethiopia.

Here you can find out more about the fairclimatefund and the projects and offset CO2 yourself:


everwave cleans up the environment: Waste collection boats are used to prevent waste from entering the oceans. Artificial intelligence supports the cleanup missions to detect and analyze waste. The collected material is then recycled using environmentally friendly processes and the public is also made aware of environmental issues. The startup organizes long-term, holistic cleanup projects in countries such as Serbia, Thailand and Cambodia and ensures clean waters there. To date everwave already collected over 1 million tons of waste from rivers.

Would you like to find out more about everwave and support the projects?


This year we have 100 trees in North Rhine-Westphalia with Forest Foundation can plant.

It was important to us to also Projects in Germany and we look forward to planting even more trees in the future!

Would you like to find out more about the Forest Foundation and plant trees in Germany?

And how do we help people?


Labdoo is a worldwide network volunteer Helpers, the Children's digital participation at home and abroad makes it possible. The non-profit platform is open to all people worldwide to Laptops or tablets that are no longer used with powerful educational software. Flight sponsors bring IT donations CO2-neutral on site and take them back for repair or recycling

Sustainability goals

We would like to expand our trade fairs in all areas as sustainable as possible design. For the environment comes first the reduction of waste and CO2 emissions. Water and energy savings are important factors as well as the inclusion of Sustainability aspects in the procurement of materials. To this end, we are working on Solutions for sustainable arrival and departure of our exhibitors and visitors.

We have taken the following measures in these areas to date


  • We are working on a zero-waste policy for our exhibitors at all ITCS trade fairs

  • We install little to no carpet and when we do, only 100% recyclable latex-free carpet from REWIND

  • Our ticketing service only takes place online - so the ticket is always digital!


  • We point out environmentally friendly behavior to our exhibitors with our Green Guidelines

  • We work with Labdoo to give your old laptop a second life


  • We no longer print our magazines in A4, but only in A6 format to save resources

  • We buy many of the company's own devices second-hand

  • All printed products and lanyards are produced in a climate-neutral way

Arrival and departure

  • We keep our delivery routes as short as possible

  • We offer a shuttle bus service so that visitors can leave their cars at home

  • We primarily travel by train for business

  • All the equipment we take from the ITCS to a trade fair fits into a Sprinter

Environmental report ITCS Hamburg 2023

Note: The emissions from the trade fair in Hamburg are taken as an average value for all ITCS trade fairs for compensation purposes.

The reason for this is that Hamburg as a trade fair location is the furthest away from the ITCS office in Frankfurt. Compared to all other trade fair locations, we have to travel the longest distance to Hamburg to get to the trade fair.
The emission values for Hamburg are therefore maximum values, but are seen as a compensation quantity for all locations.

Nobody's perfect! Let us know how we can make our trade fairs even more sustainable 🙂

Coming soon: Green IT Spotlight at the ITCS

What does sustainability mean in the tech industry?

This is precisely the question we ask ourselves when it comes to Green IT.

Sustainability is THE topic of the future. But how can technical progress and increased performance be reconciled with constantly rising energy requirements?

Exhibitors can showcase their commitment and solutions to the problems of the future at the Green IT stage present!