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Shape the twin transformation with us
As an IT consulting company, esentri accompanies our customers in the SME sector through the twin transformation, a holistic change process that combines digital and sustainable transformation.

We develop innovative digital solutions that serve as the basis for new, digital business models. From the modernization of legacy software to the design of cloud infrastructures and data platforms to analytics & reporting - our experts support companies from the initial concept to the final implementation.

In other words, we are not simply tearing down the old and putting up a glass palace in the desert. We look at the surroundings, build with an eye to the future and thus shape the skyline of digitalization. Sensibly and sustainably.

Our DNA is digital

Fancy development: 120% - and not just in terms of coding. For us, it's clear that you can only inspire others if you really love what you do. That's why our passion for technology, digitalization and sustainability has been the oil in esentri's gears since day one. We always get the best out of it and sometimes make the impossible possible.

You can really make a difference here

We have big plans: We want to change the way companies work - and have a lasting and positive impact on the world. Join esentri and shape the digital future with us

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