Non-profit organisation

Our platform uses data collected
directly from our customer's supply chains and continuously analyses it to VERIFY claims such as:

  • Ensuring truly deforestation-free palm oil.
    We verify that palm oil fruit actually come from legal and deforestation-free plantations.
  • Confirming the right payments to coffee farmers.
    We verify fair payment to every farmer - the key to ensuring a living income and reducing land-use-change pressure.
  • Only fishing where it is sustainable to do so.
  • We verify that no fishing happens in marine reserves and our technology can continuously monitor where fishing happens.

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We are looking forward to the first ITCS in Berlin! Here, too, you can expect a great programme all about the IT world with lots of specials and plenty of tech jobs!

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How a new kind of supply chain transparency can help the planet

Markus Mutz, Co-Founder & CEO


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Markus Mutz

Co-Founder & CEO

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