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An independent and international engineering service provider with many years of automotive expertise. With cross-industry expertise and a holistic understanding of systems and products, we create technological solutions along the entire value chain. We deal with the trending topics of digitalisation, e-mobility and autonomous systems, primarily for the automotive, aviation and mechanical engineering sectors, and consistently enable the development of customised solutions. Our goal is to accelerate technological progress and make a relevant contribution to a sustainable future. We work on this every day - with around 14,500 employees at over 50 locations worldwide.

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On 21 June, we welcome you to the Hamburg trade fair! Here, too, you can expect a great programme all about the IT world with lots of specials and plenty of tech jobs!

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AI supported boarding in the ePAX-Flow Project

The ePAX-Flow project, supported by the Hanseatic City of Hamburg Investment and Development Bank, aimed to improve and equalize the travel chain through intelligent control of the passenger flow on the way to and from the airport, in the airport building and on the plane, while meeting increased hygiene requirements. As part of the project consortium Bertrandt Technology Germany set out to monitor and improve the aircraft boarding process, utilizing multiple camera input  passed  to a specifically trained Deep Neural Network to detect and track passengers entering the cabin.

Markus Manck, Software Expert


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Markus Manck

Software Expert

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