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April 25, 2024


ITCS in Darmstadt
Your tech conference, IT job fair and
Festival in Darmstadt

ITCS in Darmstadt
Your tech conference, IT job fair and festival in Darmstadt

About 100 Exciting exhibitors

About 50 Keynotes
and workshops

Afterparty with DJ

Networking with 4,000 tech enthusiasts

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"How to ITCS" - Key facts and all
what you need to know 🚀

"How to ITCS" - Key facts and everything you need to know 🚀

Tech Conference

5 stages and over 50 presentations by top speakers from the tech world. This is the ITCS, cutting-edge tech topics, interactive and authentic! There is something for everyone here.

IT - Job Fair

From start-ups to global corporations. At the stand, you can get to know the techies from the companies directly, gain exclusive insights into their IT projects and find your new dream job.


Everyone needs a break sometimes. Whether it's a game of table football, table tennis or a hot match in the gaming area. Rumors of an after-party are also doing the rounds in the chill-out areas.

Are you interested in IT? Then the ITCS Darmstadt is the right place for you!

Thursday 25.04.2024
from 10:00 a.m.
Admission from 9:30 am

darmstadtium - Science and Congress Center, Schlossgraben, Darmstadt

All information about the exhibitors, the program and our specials can be found below.

The ITCS afterparty with DJ, drinks and snacks starts at 4 pm.

You won't be looking for a suit and tie at the ITCS!

The Exhibitor - Get to know the top companies
from the IT industry.

The Exhibitor - Get to know the top companies
from the IT industry.

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ITCS Chat Date:
Applying has never been so easy!

ITCS Chat Date:
Applying has never been so easy!

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The Program grows daily until 50+ talks with cutting-edge tech topics await you on the day of the fair!

The Program - Once again, you can expect a program full of cutting-edge tech topics.

Artificial intelligence - the new generation

In his lecture, Prof. Buxmann will provide exciting insights into the breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and explain the basics of machine learning in an easy-to-understand way. He will also look at generative artificial intelligence in the context of Chat GPT & Co and discuss the impact the technology is already having on our economy and society and will continue to have in the future. The lecture also provides insight into the far-reaching potential of using generative AI responsibly in companies and raises awareness of risks such as hallucinations and fake news. With this lecture, Prof. Buxmann offers a comprehensive overview of current developments in the field of artificial intelligence and the transformative potential of generative AI. Because: "The world will never be as slow as it is today!

Prof. Dr. Peter Buxmann, Chairholder & Founder


Leading by managing yourself - insights into a personal journey

My personal leadership journey has brought me from being a leader in volunteering to leading project teams to leading with "borrowed power" and finally to being a leader. Each of these steps has had its specific challenges and learnings. However, they have one thing in common - in order to be a good leader, you have to manage yourself and therefore know yourself very well. I will share with you my personal experiences and some insights on how to manage yourself and on leadership in challenging times.

Dr. Lea Schwarz, Head of Development Features/Driving and Energy Functions


Thinking soccer digitally: a platform for Eintracht

Eintracht Frankfurt wants to become the most digital soccer club in the league. In his presentation, Stefan reveals the thoughts behind the decisions made so far and offers exciting insights on the topic of 'Rethinking soccer digitally'. 

Stefan Kremer, Head of Technology


The AI energy paradox: the carbon footprint and the benefits for sustainability

Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool. However, its training and operation are associated with considerable energy consumption. This talk highlights the impact of AI on the environment, showing both the challenges it brings and its potential to be a driving force for sustainability. We explore how AI can optimize energy systems and drive environmental innovation, while addressing the need for greener AI development practices.

Cedric Mössner, Youtuber, lecturer and gradually mad professor


CAE in Body in White: Challenges & Trends from 1986 to Today

Once - in 1986 we challenged our computer technology to make the first "computer aided" engineering (CAE) feasible. Some people did not beleave in, because it was `beyond`... Today, we are facing new fields of action for automotive but also a new generation of the "toolbox" of computer aided engineering. ... Let's challenge again!

Dr.-Ing. Florian Meyer, Head of Methodology Development in CAE simulation for body in white


Digital transformation - we create the future

We are in the midst of the digital transformation and for us, digitalization is not an end in itself but an enabler for achieving our goals. I am Larissa Berk and Executive Assistant for Digitalization. In addition to my exciting tasks as an assistant, I am also project manager for the digitalization key figure. Together, we are driving innovation in Data Driven Production, empowering people, creating a framework for strategic action and jointly reducing the growing system complexity in order to get closer to the goal of autonomous production step by step. I will be happy to tell you exactly what we do there and why this job and this topic excites me so much in my presentation.

Larissa Berk, Executive Assistant Digitalization Production and Logistics and Project Manager KPI Digitalization


Beh{AI}nd the scenes: A tour on how we work in Commerzbank on AI Innovation and Trustworthiness

AI brings many opportunities for innovation to many industries but banks in particular. However, it also comes with new risks which we need to tackle. Hence building models is crucial but also a well-functioning model validation is key to long-term success and trustworthy AI implementation. Meet two #WomeninTech to hear more about how we take up the challenge in #teamyellow at Commerzbank.

Ratul Ahmed, Divisional Board Member Validation


Julia Sterling, Vice President Big Data & Advanced Analytics



The impulse highlights the challenges of women in the start-up scene, especially in the field of technology professions, and provides an outlook on support options in the FrankfurtRhineMain start-up ecosystem.


Laura Abascal, Managing Director HUB31 Technology and Start-up Center Darmstadt


Nicole Pinto, Wirtschaftsförderung Stadt Darmstadt


Voices of Change: Embracing Diversity in the Tech Industry

Ready to challenge your preconceptions of a tech career? Join the talk for an exciting journey into the world of software engineering, where we're breaking old molds and embracing new perspectives. Discover the story of Amira, a Software Engineer reshaping the tech scene with her creativity and diversity. Get ready for an eye-opening experience that will challenge your thinking and leave you inspired. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to be a part of the change!

Amira Chebbi, IT Consultant


#hacktheworldabetterplace: WE INSPIRE Girls4Tech

If we really want to anchor diversity in all areas of society, then we must also focus on the IT sector. The world is becoming increasingly digital and women must have an equal share in shaping this world. This will only work if we inspire them early on and provide them with the necessary skills.

Jana Dehne, Project Manager Corporate Cooperation NRW


The courage to embrace diversity - success with personality instead of elbows

This keynote speech encourages people to reflect on their personal and collective attitude towards diversity in their own company and in IT. Because in order to successfully meet the challenges of the current times, it is a risk NOT to ask ourselves how we can manage to ensure that all genders shape technology equally. After all, we can be far more successful with diversity in practice - but we can only achieve this together and without elbows.

Jenna van Hauten, MSc. Psychologist and Leadership Coach


Female Founders: Paths to your own tech startup

Only 20% of startup founders are women. But why are start-ups less common for us
an option and what obstacles need to be cleared out of the way? I'll tell you in my
Lecture on why we shouldn't leave the stage of tech innovation to men alone
and which programs and offers can lead you to your start-up project.


Isabel Ernst, Project Manager Startup Consulting


Diversity in AI development

In this talk, you will learn why diversity is crucial in the development of AI applications. Inspiring stories and insights will show how women are shaping the future with AI and what they need to be successful. Heidi Wiegert also shares experiences from various AI projects for women that jumpp has already carried out and explains the opportunities offered by entering the AI field.


Heidi Wiegert, Project Manager "AI Ideathon: Shaping the future cleverly"


Innovativer Sensor + KI: Wie unser multimodaler MimoSense® Folienkraftsensor die Umwelt schützt

Der multimodale MimoSense® Folienkraftsensor ermöglicht durch sein einzigartiges Sensorprinzip und hohe Sensitivität eine außerordentliche Einsatzflexibilität von der Pitch-Optimierung in Windkraftanlagen über Predictive Maintenance und IoT in der Industrie bis hin zu Wearables im Sport, Prothesen und der Überwachung von Vitalfunktionen in Pflege und Krankenhaus. Die Verknüpfung mit KI-Modellen ermöglicht die Steigerung der Nachhaltigkeit in den verschiedensten Einsatzfeldern, beispielsweise durch höhere Energieausbeute, Energieeffizienz in der Produktion und die Verlängerung von Nutzungsdauern für Maschinen und Anlagen.

Dr.-Ing. Romol Chadda, Co-Founder


Green code for a sustainable future? Techniques and methods for the path to "green" software.

Be it climate change, the current energy shortage or rising energy prices, there are many reasons to avoid CO2 in all areas of society. Software plays a central role in all areas of life, while energy consumption in the IT sector is constantly increasing. Integrating energy measurements into the development process and developing in a resource-conscious manner is becoming increasingly important. How can resource-saving software development contribute to saving energy and what is green code?

Kollin Freise, Software Developer


Is AI the salvation for our birds?

Almost half of the native bird species in Germany are threatened with extinction.
Experts who can count and recognize birds are getting older and older on average - and are therefore perhaps considered to be threatened with extinction themselves.
Is AI a possible solution to this problem?
Facts, possible approaches and a discussion about the potential and limits of AI - all presented in a short lecture.

Marc Neumann, founder


Celestical, an independent and green European Cloud built by space engineers.

Green IT is not just about less power consumming processors, it is also about conscious coding and responsible infrastructure usage. We have dedicated our efforts for an independent European cloud infrastructure, optimized by space engineers. That means we use resources very carefully with a responsible AI cyber protector.

Dr. Red Boumghar, CEO


A (Hitchhikers) Guide to IT-Sustainability

We take you on a short trip to talk about the circular economy, sustainability and the use of IT devices.

Kai Keune, Sustainable Business Development Manager


Was Bits und Bäume verbindet - nachhaltige Digitalisierung und digitalisierte Nachhaltigkeit?

Ein kritischer Vortrag über Nachhaltigkeit, Technologie, Gesellschaft, Wachstum und Wege in die Zukunft . Ziel ist es, die Nutzung digitaler Technologie im aktuellen Kontext globaler ökologischer Ungerechtigkeit und des Zusammenbruchs von Ökosystemen kritisch zu analysieren. Wie können wir ein nachhaltiges, gerechtes und demokratisches digitales Zukunftsbild anstreben und fördern? Die Herausforderungen sind enorm und umfassen den Energiehunger der digitalen Welt sowie die ausbeuterischen globalen Praktiken von Technologieunternehmen oder die aktuelle Diskussion über die gesellschaftsverträgliche Nutzung von KI. Wie können wir eine Emanzipation von selbstzerstörerischen Prozessen hin zu ökologischer Nachhaltigkeit und einer gerechten Welt erreichen?

Victor Lange, Societal progress engineer


Climate protection now.

10 things you can do today to make your ITCS visit more sustainable.

Konrad Licht, Gründer und GF


Digital euro: International agile cooperation in a major Eurosystem project

Are you wondering how the future of money can be shaped and are you interested in the exciting digital euro project? In my presentation, you will learn more about the ideas behind a digital euro and the current status of the project. You can also find out first-hand how we are working with other European central banks on this project using agile methods. Get ready to take a look into the future!

Julia Schäfer, Functional Expert Digital Euro & Product Owner


Everyone loves to talk about architecture. Only a few think code architecture

In the world of product development, a diverse ensemble of architects plays a key role - cloud architects, solution architects, software architects through to enterprise architects - and each brings their unique expertise to the table. Yet amidst this architectural symphony, the core melody - the code - often goes unsung. It's all too common to come across sprawling spaghetti code that turns into an unwieldy ball of mud.

Join me as I meander through the enchanting stories of my everyday programming adventures, drawing on ancient wisdom and architectural lore. Discover the magic of layered architecture, CQRS, ports and adapters, Separation of Concerns and the venerable SOLID principles.

During my talk, let's go on this journey together, where theory meets practice, and learn how to use these concepts to create code that is not only sustainable, but also fun to work with.

Patrick Koss, STACKIT Central Services


A day at KfW's Security Operations Center

What are the tasks of security analysts in a bank's Security Operations Center? What other roles are there in a SOC? This presentation provides insights into the day-to-day work and the associated challenges.


Hong Ngoc Hoang, IT Security Analyst


From idea to innovation: the agile creation of a pick-up station

In a rapidly changing technology landscape, agility is the key to implementing innovations. This presentation illustrates the agile development process using the example of the conception and realization of a pick-up station. The different product life cycles from the initial problem definition to the finished pick-up station will be presented. Participants will gain insights into the practical application of agile methods and learn how these approaches were able to accelerate product development from idea generation to market launch.

Dominic Weiser, Technology and Architecture Manager


KRITIS update: A "triple whammy" for information security

The lecture deals with the security of critical infrastructures, emphasizes their essential role for the functioning of society and deals with current and past incidents. Particular attention will be paid to the three protection goals of information security: Integrity, Availability and Confidentiality. These are crucial for the resilience and trustworthiness of critical infrastructures against threats such as cyber-attacks and natural disasters. The presentation aims to raise awareness of the need to robustly secure these critical systems and, if necessary, to discuss initial approaches for improved security and resilience.

Joel Thiel, Protector of Information Security I Co-Founder


CognitX - Talk to your data!

CognitX is the Generative AI powered data analyst, that gives enterprise data a voice, by making data analytics conversational. It can connect to all enterprise datasources, learn from it, and enable everybody, with no technical skills to uncover data insights simply by asking questions and talking to CognitX, in German or English, leading to better, faster and smarter business decisions.


Gent Zambaku, CTO


Become a Pentester. Become a Hero.

Are you interested in IT security, pentesting and ethical hacking? Do you want to turn your hobby into a career? At our Tech Talk, Matthias Göhring, Head of usd HeroLab, will take you behind the scenes of the usd HeroLab: Requirements. Education and training. Tooling. And above all: professional pentests.

Matthias Göhring, Head of usd HeroLab


AI above the clouds: GenAI in action at Frankfurt Airport

For Frankfurt Airport, there will be virtually no alternative to the use of artificial intelligence in order to meet the challenges of demographic change, increasing security threats and rising customer expectations. With the first applications in the field of generative AI at the airport, the full potential of this technology is becoming apparent and may lay the foundation for a far-reaching transformation of the company.

Christian Wrobel, Chief Data Architect


IT security - implementation & challenges in special infrastructures

IT security is one of the most important fields in IT. The advance of digitalization is also creating more opportunities for hackers to penetrate important systems and steal valuable assets (such as information) from a company. It is therefore all the more important to be up to date and to consistently protect our systems from attackers. Implementation and realization are tailor-made and are essential for our mobility of the future.

 Sevgi Akkanat, Solution IT Architect - Engineering Infrastructure


Cloud Solution vs. On-Premises Solution - Where is the trend at Deka heading? 

Bei der IT-Infrastruktur müssen Unternehmen oft entscheiden, ob sie eine On-Premise- oder eine Cloud-Lösung wollen. Bei On-Premise haben sie die volle Kontrolle über die Hardware und Daten. Bei Cloud-Lösungen sind sie flexibler und können ihre Leistungen besser anpassen. Die Entscheidung muss gut überlegt sein und hängt von den individuellen Anforderungen an Sicherheit, Kosten und Leistung ab.

Timur Saliew, SAP Business Analyst für die Module SAP CML & BCA


Bahar Keloglu, IT-Application Manager


Cyber attacks - in the thick of it, not just part of it.

Are you looking for a career entry into the world of cyber security and want to deal with attackers every day and support our customers in defending against cyber attacks? Then you've come to the right place! We present various entry-level positions at ArcticWolf and how you can help make our digital world a safer place


Dennis Pielken, Manager GTO EMEA


Sebastian Schmerl, Regional Vice President Security Services


Big data analytics in the financial sector

As producers and processors of data, banks are currently facing great opportunities for data-driven business models. The presentation provides an insight into the challenges and opportunities offered by today's data volumes and modern technologies from the perspective of a young professional.

Tim Vogel, Senior Business Analyst / Project Manager


INVESTAINMENT - How the integration of blockchain technology and information technology is reshaping the music industry.

In this presentation you will learn how blockchain technology enables the future of ticketing and investments in live events such as concerts or albums.

We explain how our software solutions offer security and transparency and create added value for artists and fans.

Experience the fascinating world of entertainment and the new marketing opportunities created by Web 3.0.


Dennis Ryan Smith, Founder


Scaling web applications using event-based architecture

We explore the transformation of a web application from a monolith to an event-based architecture, get an insight into the basics of event-based architecture, advantages & disadvantages as well as the application in practice.

Denise Wagenführ, Lead Software Engineer


Success strategies of our start-up in the dynamic technology world!

The Threedy GmbH invites you to a workshop exploring the technological advances and organizational changes that are reshaping the world of work. The focus is on our journey from monolithic architectures to containerized microservices, migration to public cloud services and the integration of AI.

Under the direction of Leon Kaucher (Developer in Quality Assurance) &  Benedict Lubik (product managers), parallels are drawn between past transitions and emerging trends, and insights are provided into the use of automation and AI in development processes.

Participants will also be equipped with practical strategies to adapt and succeed in the ever-evolving technological landscape.

Leon Kaucher, Entwickler in Quality Assurance


Benedict Lubik, Product Manager


The digitalization of the sky - IT in air traffic control

Exciting challenges and the opportunity to develop innovative solutions together with like-minded people await you in an interactive workshop. Form teams, exchange ideas and present your approaches for a safe future of air traffic. DFS German Air Navigation Services will also provide exclusive insights to inspire you and spark your interest in a career in IT security. Join us and shape the future of digital air traffic!

Jörg Buxbaum, Head of Invention and Applied Research


Here is an excerpt of our top Speaker - From Tekkies for Tekkies, on the latest tech topics

Top Speaker - From Tekkies for Tekkies,
on the latest tech topics

Dr. Lea Schwarz

Head of Development Features/Functions Driving and Energy

Dr.-Ing. Florian Meyer

Head of Methodology Development in CAE simulation for body in white

Julia Sterling

Vice President Big Data & Advanced Analytics

Cedric Mössner

Youtuber, lecturer and gradually mad professor

Fritz Oswald

Senior Vice President Infrastructure Management.

Jana Dehne

Project Manager Corporate Cooperation NRW

Prof. Dr. Peter Buxmann

Chair holder & founder

Larissa Berk

Executive Assistant Digitalization Production and Logistics and Project Manager KPI Digitalization

Ratul Ahmed

Divisional Board Member Validation

Dr. Red Boumghar


Samira Mahi-Moussa

(Werkstudentin) interne Kommunikation bei der Mercedes-Benz Group AG

Stefan Kremer

Leiter Technologie

Konrad Licht

Gründer und GF

Isabel Ernst

Project Manager Startup Consulting

Marc Neumann


Amira Chebbi

IT Consultant

Jenna van Hauten

MSc. Psychologin und Leadership Coach

Victor Lange

Societal progress engineer

Laura Abascal

Geschäftsführerin HUB31 Technologie- und Gründerzentrum Darmstadt

Kai Keune

Sustainable Business Development Manager

Kollin Freise

Software Entwickler

Nicole Pinto

Wirtschaftsförderung Stadt Darmstadt

Dr.-Ing. Romol Chadda


Heidi Wiegert

Projektleiterin „KI-Ideathon: Zukunft clever gestalten“

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