Hamburg Bit-Bots


The Hamburg Bit-Bots are a student working group at the University of Hamburg. Students have been developing humanoid robots here since 2012, which compete against each other in football at the RoboCup, an international competition. The robots developed are fully autonomous, i.e. not remote-controlled. They have to master a series of challenges, such as running, shooting and perception. A variety of methods, such as machine learning/AI, are used for this.

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On 21 June, we welcome you to the Hamburg trade fair! Here, too, you can expect a great programme all about the IT world with lots of specials and plenty of tech jobs!

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Warum mit Robotern Fußball spielen?

Wir von den Hamburg Bit-Bots, verraten euch, was es mit dem Roboterfußball auf sich hat und wie er die Forschung in den Bereichen Robotik und KI, sowie die Wissenschaftskommunikation vorantreibt.

Florian Vahl, Master of Computer Science student


Timon Engelke, Master of Computer Science student


Lea Wedmann, Human-Computer Interaction student


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Lea Wedmann

Student Human-Computer Interaction

Timon Engelke

Student Master Computer Science

Florian Vahl

Student Master Computer Science

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