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Bird Mapper is an emerging startup in Darmstadt that uses the latest AI research for a system to recognise and count birds based on their song.


Birds are an important link in our ecosystem. They fight pests by eating insects and larvae and are irreplaceable for the distribution of seeds. Without birds, our ecosystem would simply not function. So with the extinction of birds, a large part of our nature also dies.


In order to slow down and prevent bird mortality in the long term, measures must be introduced, but we lack the data basis for this.

Our current data is based on old methods such as elaborate mapping, which is only good enough to produce a rough forecast for the next 10 years. But for many bird species this will be too late. This is where Bird Mapper should offer a comprehensive solution in the future.


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In April we welcome you to the darmstadtium! Here, too, you can expect a great programme all about the IT world with lots of specials and plenty of tech jobs!

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Ist KI die Rettung für unsere Vögel?

Fast die Hälfte der heimischen Vogelarten in Deutschland sind vom Aussterben bedroht.
Experten, die Vögel zählen und erkennen können, werden im Schnitt immer älter – und gelten damit vielleicht selber als vom Aussterben bedroht.
Stellt KI eine mögliche Lösung für dieses Problem dar?
Fakten, mögliche Ansätze sowie eine Diskussion über das Potenzial und die Limits von KI – alles in einem kurzen Vortrag präsentiert.

Marc Neumann, founder


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Marc Neumann


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