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As Schwarz IT, we assume responsibility for the entire IT infrastructure and all software solutions in our retail divisions Lidl and Kaufland, Schwarz Produktion and our environmental services provider PreZero.

We have broad expertise in all areas of IT - from traditional software development and IT consulting to AI applications and IT security. This makes us one of the largest German players in the IT sector and, with STACKIT, we also offer a cloud for the external market.

We - that is more than 4,000 employees of Schwarz IT KG and around 1,500 employees in 31 Lidl countries and in 8 Kaufland countries.

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In April we welcome you to the darmstadtium! Here, too, you can expect a great program all about the IT world with lots of specials and plenty of tech jobs!

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Everyone loves to talk about architecture. Only a few think code architecture

In the world of product development, a diverse ensemble of architects plays a key role - cloud architects, solution architects, software architects through to enterprise architects - and each brings their unique expertise to the table. Yet amidst this architectural symphony, the core melody - the code - often goes unsung. It's all too common to come across sprawling spaghetti code that turns into an unwieldy ball of mud.

Join me as I meander through the enchanting stories of my everyday programming adventures, drawing on ancient wisdom and architectural lore. Discover the magic of layered architecture, CQRS, ports and adapters, Separation of Concerns and the venerable SOLID principles.

During my talk, let's go on this journey together, where theory meets practice, and learn how to use these concepts to create code that is not only sustainable, but also fun to work with.

Patrick Koss, STACKIT Central Services


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STACKIT Central Services

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