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As part of the ITCS Berlin, we invite you to discover the exciting world of 13 Places of the future in Saxony-Anhalt to explore. Discover not only leading companies such as IBMbut also immerse yourself in the possibilities offered by our new Job matching tool offers. A tool developed to match your skills and interests with suitable career opportunities at the companies of the future in Saxony-Anhalt. Find out more about the exciting opportunities that await you in Saxony-Anhalt and how you can become part of this dynamic community. This opportunity is your springboard to a future of innovation and success. We look forward to welcoming you to Stand M2 and set the course for your future together! #Hhere comesYOURSomeone else.

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We are looking forward to the first ITCS in Berlin! Here, too, you can expect a great programme all about the IT world with lots of specials and plenty of tech jobs!

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Angestaubt? Von wegen! Aktuelle Tech-Trends im Public Sector - IBM Client Innovation Center Germany GmbH

Die öffentliche Hand wird oftmals als schwerfällig, langweilig und wenig innovativ wahrgenommen. Dabei bietet gerade dieser Bereich Raum für technische Lösungen und clevere Ideen. Wir beleuchten spannende Entwicklungen und aktuelle Herausforderungen auf dem Weg zum digitalen Staat.

Niklas Ewert, Practice Lead Public, Project Manager - IBM Client Innovation Centre Germany GmbH


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Niklas Ewert

Practice Lead Public, Project Manager - IBM Client Innovation Centre Germany GmbH

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