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DeepFile is an AI-powered & GDPR-compliant document search software ✨ It works locally and never sends your data anywhere. Browse your documents, localize sources, and find answers in seconds.

Our software powers up local document navigation with AI. DeepFile’s search finds the correct version of a document and delivers answers from 200-page PDFs in seconds. Our software uses multiple large language models and speaks at least as many languages as its founding team. The built-in translator empowers expats to chat with complicated German documents in simple English. What sets us apart is the degree of autonomy and ease provided while running offline. The innovation of DeepFile lies in the new orchestration of several compact offline LLMs.

Our users keep full control!

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Wir freuen uns auf den ersten ITCS in Berlin! Auch hier erwartet euch ein tolles Programm rund um die IT-Welt mit vielen Specials und jeder Menge Tech-Jobs!

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