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GenX Leadership Academy is a leading coaching provider based in Berlin, Germany founded by the multiple award-winning coach and scientist Dr. Sara Hegy.

We combine the power of science in knowledge and achievement to fully enable your talent with every growth aspect they need (on the level of human capital, process and performance) to unlock their ability to create results for your business while being satisfied and in their maximal potential.

Our products and services are catered to the specific needs of individuals and organizations across the different high-tech sectors. Our goal is to revolutionize the work culture and the employee mindset to generate the best results for their businesses.

GenX enables numbers, delivered with nurture and creativity.

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Wir freuen uns auf den ersten ITCS in Berlin! Auch hier erwartet euch ein tolles Programm rund um die IT-Welt mit vielen Specials und jeder Menge Tech-Jobs!

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Leadership Clarity Workshop: The Art of Effective Decision-Making

Join us at the upcoming ITCS conference in Berlin for an exclusive workshop on „Leadership Clarity Workshop: The Art of Effective Decision-Making“ tailored specifically for executives, senior executives and industry leaders. This session is designed to empower you with the tools and insights necessary to harness your latent decision-making capabilities and elevate your strategic impact as a leader in your personal and professional realms.

During this interactive workshop, you will be introduced to the Visionary Wheel—a robust, twelve-pillar framework that enhances clarity, precision, and effectiveness in decision-making. From setting a vision to gathering critical data to evaluating outcomes for sustained success, each segment of the wheel is crafted to build upon the other, fostering a continuous cycle of success.

As a senior leader, understanding and applying these principles will refine your personalized decision-making prowess and position your talent to thrive and adapt in an increasingly complex and unpredictable business environment. The workshop promises a blend of professional insights, personalized talent and practical experiences, enabling you to:

-Discover Hidden Powers: Unlock new levels of intuition and analytical thinking that you may not realize you possess.

-Enhance Decision Quality: Learn how to integrate diverse data and insights to make well-rounded decisions that drive success.

-Foster Innovation: Encourage creativity and innovation within your teams by adopting a holistic decision-making process.

-Achieve Strategic Alignment: Ensure that every decision aligns with your personal leadership values and your organization’s long-term goals and values.

Join us to gain the clarity and tools needed to unleash your full decision-making potential and steer your organization toward unparalleled success. We look forward to welcoming you to a transformative experience that promises not only to enlighten but also to inspire!

Dr. Sara Hegy, Coach and Founder


Navigating the rollercoaster of uncertainty with visionary female leadership.

Join us for an inspiring session at ITCS Berlin, titled „Navigating the Rollercoaster of Uncertainty with Visionary Female Leadership.“ This talk is dedicated to exploring the distinctive impact of female leadership in steering big processes and numbers at stake through turbulent times with a blend of resilience, personal talent, innovation, and strategic foresight.
Senior decision makers and male leaders are invited to attend this talk to identify the key needs of top-notch female leadership to help them nurture their needs and unlock their full potential at the workplace.
Female leaders need to attend this to self-educate on the important practices and real-life strategies that must be there for breakthrough success to happen.
In today’s fast-evolving business landscape, uncertainty is a constant. However, visionary female leaders have a unique capability when nurtured to navigate these challenges, turning potential threats into opportunities for growth and innovation. This session will delve into the traits and strategic practices that generate successful female leadership in IT and beyond, offering insights into:

Resilient Leadership:
How female leaders cultivate resilience within themselves, enabling them and their teams to bounce back stronger from setbacks.
Embracing Innovation: Fun Techniques for fostering an environment where innovation thrives, even under pressure.
Strategic Agility: The ability to pivot quickly and effectively, making decisions that anticipate and adapt to rapid changes.
Open Communication: The ability to speak to powerfully and authentically to touch, move and inspire your partners and team members to execute on your vision as a leader.
Dr.Hegy will share real-world examples and case studies that highlight how female leaders have successfully managed uncertainty, not just surviving but thriving amidst chaos. Participants will leave with actionable strategies and a deeper understanding of how to apply these leadership principles to their own contexts.

This session is an essential experience for anyone interested in leveraging the full spectrum of leadership diversity to navigate their personal lives and workplace through the complexities of today’s business environment. Join us to gain fun fresh perspectives to empower your leadership approach in these unpredictable times.

Dr. Sara Hegy, Coach and Founder


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Dr. Sara Hegy

Coach and Founder

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